Warrior of Llarn: Book 1 in the Llarn cycle

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The original cover art was painted by the legendary Frank Frazetta.

Near Canopus there is a small red sun, around which eleven planets revolve. One of these is Llarn a world which resembles Earth in some ways, but in others is exotically different. There were men and women there, fallen empires, forgotten cities, and roving barbarians striving to rise. And there were the dreaded remnants of a hideous atomic disaster eons past–things that once were men with powers that bordered on the evilly miraculous.

Alan Morgan came to Llarn at the behest of one of these warped man-monsters to act as his envoy on a world-shaking mission. But Alan was no puppet…and the story of his extraordinary adventures on that world of swordplay and wonders is a constantly exciting novel.

This is a Sword & Planet classic from 1964. Warrior of Llarn was written as an homage to Edgar Rice Burrough‘s John Carter of Mars series.

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    1. I’m just starting to get into Adam Strange. Especially his adventures with Hawkman.

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