Thief of Llarn: Book 2 in the Llarn cycle

Thief of llarn gardner f fox edgar rice burroughs sword and planet kurt brugel

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The original cover art was painted by the legendary Gray Morrow.

Thief of Llarn is a Sword & Planet classic from Gardner F. Fox. Originally published in 1966, written as an homage to Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars series. Gardner F. Fox takes us to another world, where Alan Morgan, an Earthman, was now a true citizen of the planet Llarn. Through his master swordsmanship and quick wits, he had risked his life at great odds to finally win the beautiful Tuarra, daganna of Kharthol, as his wife.

And he would do it again . . . for now, even more, was at stake. The world of Llarn itself was threatened with a disaster even greater than the atomic war of eons ago, which had dried up the oceans and shredded the land to desert and desolation and peopled it with monstrous mutated beings.

On a curious chess board that crossed the barriers of time, Alan Morgan was moved from adventure to adventure by the powers of a godlike master, and his swift sword was his only means of staving off the enemies of the planet and saving the life of his loved princess.