A Sample of Chapter 1 from Beyond the Black Enigma

ChapterĀ 1 Click here for a copy   The Enigma was five light years away. It hung in space, black and quivering, filling every last inch of his screen. No man knew what the Enigma was, only that it was there, and that it had swallowed two space-fleets sent to quest through its eternal darkness, seeking…

A sample from The Coming of the Sword

The Coming of the Sword is the last short story in the Niall of the Far Travels Collection. For many days he had trotted across the ice field, always straining his gaze ahead, ever seeking the figure of the man he hunted. He was close now, so close that he needed no longer to stare…

Coming soon! Niall of the Far Travels Collection

If you are a Sword & Sorcery fan, you might have heard of Gardner F. Fox’s Niall of the Far Travels. If not, this article will catch you up. I’m currently working on digitally transcribing and publishing these short stories. The collection should be uploaded by the end of this month.

A sample of Chapter 5 from Kyrik and the Lost Queen

Chapter 5 Download a copy from the GFF Kindle Library Kyrik tried to break free. He kicked back, found that the sole of his war-boot touched something soft and rubbery, but the downward tug was not to be resisted. Steadily he was drawn into the deeps of the cold water, with Adorla on his back….