A sample of chapter 2 from Laid in the Future

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I woke to the feel of a naked body alongside me. My eyelids rose. It was David, breathing softly. His left arm was about me, holding me close. I kissed his hairy chest, very tenderly. I bit his nipple, nibbling it.

My hand went downward. Then I remembered and sat up straight. David moved protestingly. I was going into the Future today. I swung about to the clock radio on my night table. It was almost nine.

I flopped down on my case officer and hugged him.

“David, an hour. It’s nine.”

“Jeez!” he almost screamed. “We’re late!” He was out of bed, running naked for his clothes. I might as well have been a clothing store dummy. I was sitting there bare naked and he was worried about shooting me off into the Future.

“David,” I wailed.

He swung about to me, reached for me. At least, I thought he was about to grab and console me. But the tenderness time was over. His big hand grabbed the covers and flung them back, baring little old me to the whole world.

“Raus mit! Up, up!”

“The hell with you,” I yelled.

So he grabbed me, yanked me onto my feet and clapped a hand to my bare behind. It was the signal to go to work. I sighed and shrugged.

I got dressed. We had a little less than an hour to get to the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research, which left us very little time for breakfast. And David likes his breakfast.

I grabbed up my black nylon brassiere and panties. I was reaching for a garter-belt when David said, “No garter-belt, no stockings. No time. Besides, you don’t get to wear clothes, going into the Future.”

I did a double take. “How’s that again?”

“No clothes. Transitimer won’t take them.”

“I go naked?” I howled.

His eyes went over me in my bra and panties, telling me I had nothing to worry about.

I yelled, “Oh, no. I’ve been planning on wearing that new black and white crepe number by John Kloss, the one with the diaphanous midriff.”

“Well, you can’t take it with you.”

I stamped my foot.

David ignored it, I put on the black and white crepe anyhow. I was determined that I would be the belle of the ball until takeoff time. It was kind of appropriate, that.

We feasted on hot coffee and crumb buns in the little shop down the street. Then we beat feet for the car. David Zoomed out of the parking lot and into the morning traffic.

At one minute to ten we strolled into the Institute. A special elevator ran up to the fifth floor. There were uniformed Marines on guard. Their eyes in their hard young faces turned to follow me as I went in to my fate through the swinging glass doors.

The General glanced at his wristwatch. “You just about made it. All right, all right, I know how you must feel. Let’s move it.”

We moved it into a big room that was empty except for a metal cube about ten feet tall and five feet wide. Its sides were of dull gray metal. It seemed to scowl at me.

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