There are 218 titles listed. 156 of which are Paperback Novels

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Alan Morgan – Llarn Cycle as GFF– – –
01 Warrior of Llarn1964
02 Thief of Llarn1966
03 Goddess of Llarn (Incomplete & Unpublished) 
Commander Craig as by Bart Somers– – –
01 Beyond the Black Enigma1965
02 Abandon Galaxy!1967
Grim of the Gameboard World as GFF– – –
The Return of Dargoll [pt.1] Adventure Gaming #121982
The Return of Dargoll [pt.2] Adventure Gaming #131982
Kothar the Barbarian as GFF 
01 Kothar: Barbarian Swordsman1969
02 Kothar of the Magic Sword!1969
03 Kothar and the Demon Queen1969
04 Kothar and the Conjurer’s Curse1970
05 Kothar and the Wizard Slayer1970
Kyrik of the Victories as GFF– – –
01 Kyrik: Warlock Warrior1975
02 Kyrik Fights the Demon World1975
03 Kyrik and the Wizard’s Sword1976
04 Kyrik and the Lost Queen1976
Niall of the Far Travels– – –
01 Shadow of a Demon (Dragon #2 – Aug )1976
02 Beyond the Wizard Fog (Dragon #5 – Mar)1977
03 The Stolen Sacrifice (Dragon #13 – Apr)1978
04 The Thing From the Tomb (Dragon #23 – Mar)1979
05 The Eyes of Mavis Deval (Dragon #33 – Jan)1980
06 The Cube From Beyond (Dragon #36 – Apr)1980
07 The Cup of Golden Death (Dragon #38 – Jun)1980
08 Out of the Eons (Dragontales – Aug)1980
09 The Lure of the Golden Godling (Dragon #44 – Dec)1980
10 The Coming of the Sword (Dragon #55 – Nov)1981
Lady from L.U.S.T. [as by Rod Gray]– – –
01 The Lady From L.U.S.T.1967
a.k.a Lust, Be A Lady Tonight– – –
02 Lay Me Odds1967
03 The 69 Pleasures1967
04 Five Beds to Mecca1968
05 The Hot Mahatma1968
06 To Russia With L.U.S.T.1968
07 Kiss My Assassin1968
08 South of the Bordello1968
09 The Poisoned Pussy1968
a.k.a Sock It To Me– – –
10 The Big Snatch1970
11 Lady in Heat1970
12 Laid in the Future1970
13 Blow My Mind1971
14 The Copulation Explosion1970
15 Easy Ride1971
16 The Lady Takes It All Off1971
17 Turned On to Lust1971
18 Skin Game Dame1972
19 Go for Broke1975
20 Have A Snort1975
21 Target for Tonight1975
22 The Maracaibo Affair1975
23 Voodoo Kill1975
24 The Lady Killer1975
25 Kill Her With Love1975
Cherry Delight [as by Glen Chase]– – –
1. The Italian Connection1972
2. Tong in Cheek1973
3. Silverfinger1973
4. Up Your Ante1973
5. Crack Shot1973
6. I’m Cherry, Fly Me!1973
7. Chuck You, Farley!1973
8. Hot Rocks1973
9. The Jersey Bounce1974
10. Made in Japan1974
11. Broad Jump1974
12. Fire in the Hole1974
13. Over The Hump1974
14. In A Pinch1974
15. What A Way To Go1974
16. Busted1974
17. Treasure Chest1974
18. Hang Loose1974
19. In A Bind1975
20. Always On Sunday1975
21. Mexican Standoff1975
22. The Big Bankroll1975
23. Lights! Action! Murder!1975
24. Roman Candle1975
1. The Devil to Pay1977
2. Greek Fire1977
3. The Man Who Was God1977
4. The Moorland Monster1977
5. Where the Action Is1977
Nick Carter – Killmaster as GFF– – –
01 Night of the Condor #2311987
The Coxeman [as by Troy Conway]– – –
01 The Best Laid Plans1969
02 Up And Coming1972
SF&F Fiction:– – –
The Weirds of the Woodcarver (Weird Tales – Sept)1944
The Last Monster (Planet Stories – Fall)1945
Man nth (Planet Stories – Winter)1945
Engines of the Gods (Planet Stories – Spring)1946
Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Weird Tales – May)1946
Heart of Light (Amazing Stories – July)1946
The Man the Sun-Gods Made (Planet Stories – Winter)1946
Sword of the Seven Suns (Planet Stories – Feb/Spring)1947
Vassals of the Lode-Star (Planet Stories – May/Summer)1947
Werwile of the Crystal Crypt (Planet Stories – Summer)1948
When Kohonnes Screamed (Planet Stories – Fall)1948
The Rainbow Jade (Weird Tales – Sept)1949
Temptress of the Time Flow (Marvel Science Stories – Nov)1950
Tonight the Stars Revolt! (Planet Stories – Mar)1952
The Warlock of Sharrador (Planet Stories – Mar)1953
The Holding of Kolymar (Fantastic – Oct ) 1972
Novels written as GFF– – –
Madame Buccaneer1953
One Sword for Love1953
The Borgia Blade1953
The Gentleman Rogue1954
Woman of Kali1954
Rebel Wench1955
Queen of Sheba1956
Terror Over London1957
The Conquering Prince1958
Creole Woman1959
Iron Lover1959
Witness This Woman1959
Scandal In Suburbia1960
The Bastard of Orleans1960
Ivan the Terrible1961
Five Weeks in a Balloon1962
One Wife’s Way1962
Tom Blood – Highwayman1962
Escape Across the Cosmos1964
Variant Title: Titans of the Universe [as by Moonchild] 1978
The Arsenal of Miracles1964
The Hunter Out of Time1965
The Lion of Lucca1966
The Stonehedge Slaves1969
The Bold Ones1976
The Liberty Sword1976
 Hurricane 1976
Savage Passage1978
Blood Trail1979
Novels written as Jefferson Cooper– – –
Arrow in the Hill1955
The Bloody Sevens1956
Captain Seadog1956
The Swordsman1957
The Questing Sword1958
Veronica’s veil1959
Sappho of Lesbos1964
Slave of the Roman Sword1965
The Sword for Hire1966
Novels written as Kevin Matthews / Mathews– – –
Barbary Slave1955
Tory Mistress1956
Woman of Egypt1958
The Devil Sword1960
Cardboard Lover1961
Catherine the Great1964
The Pagan Empress1964
Helen of Troy1965
The Courtesan1966
The Minx1969
Novels written as John Medford Morgan– – –
The Roman and the Slave1959
Novels written as James Kendricks– – –
Sword of Casanova1959
Love Me Tonight1963
Beyond Our Pleasure1963
She Wouldn’t Surrender1960
Wicked, Wicked Woman1961
The Adulterers1964
Novels written as Lynna Cooper– – –
01 Moon Chapel1973
02 The Brittany Stones1974
03 Stark Island1974
04 Folly Hall1974
05 Hour of the Harp1975
06 An Offer of Marriage1976
07 Her Heart’s Desire1976
08 The Second Lady Cameron1977
09 Substitute Bride1977
10 The Hired Wife1978
11 My Treasure, My Love 1978
12 Forgotten Love1979
13 Portrait of Love1980
14 Inherit my Heart1981
15 Hearts in the Highlands1982
16 Deep Water, Deep Love1982
17 Stars Come Out1982
18 From Paris with Love1982
19 The Stars Cry Love (retitled Stars Come Out reprint)1982
Novels written as Simon Majors– – –
The Druid Stone1967
Novels written as Louise MacKendrick– – –
Passion’s Thief1977
A Passion for Honor1977
Novels written as Jeffrey K. Gardner– – –
Barbary Devil1961
Novels written as Margaret Maitland– – –
The Unconquered1977
Sports Fiction:– – –
Quitter at Quarter (Football Action – Fall )1947
Somebody’s Gotta Lose (Football Stories – Fal )1947
Last of the McKinneys (Ace Sports – Nov )1947
Basement Backstop (Super Sports – Dec )1947
Pour in That Secret Pitch (Complete Sports – Dec )1947
Wanted — A Hotshot Hoop Hand (All Basketball Stories – Win )1947
Blazing Blades (Real Sports Magazine – Jan )1948
Johnny No-Name (Ace Sports – Jan )1948
Atomic Fireballer (Ace Sports – May )1948
Cinderella Glove (Baseball Stories – Sum )1948
Diamonds in the Rough (Ace Sports – Jul )1948
Golden Goalposts (Ace Sports – Sep )1948
Lone-Wolf Basketeer (Ace Sports – Nov )1948
Red-Light Tornado (Ace Sports – Jan )1949
One-Play McKay (Football Stories – Fall )1949
Hot-Corner Has-Been (Baseball Stories – Sum )1950
Pigskin Pirate (All-American Football Magazine – Fall )1950
Western Fiction: 22– – –
White Coal (North-West Romances – Spr )1947
Rendezvous in Redeye (West – Oct )1947
The Town That Bullets Built (Dime Western Magazine – Apr )1948
Longrider Law for Rawhide (10-Story Western Magazine – Apr )1949
The Reform of the Wardance Kid (Ranch Romances – 13 May )1949
Stagecoach to Sunup (Ranch Romances – 19 Aug )1949
Gun Song (Fifteen Western Tales – Dec )1949
The Suicide String (Leading Western – Feb )1950
Rescue Detail (Ranch Romances – 28 Sep )1951
A Plumb Fine Dream (Ranch Romances – Dec )1951
Cross Creek Showdown (.44 Western Magazine – Jul )1952
The Wild One (Zane Grey’s Western Magazine – Dec )1952
The Black Saddle (Popular Western – Aug )1953
Four Bullets to Hell (Fifteen Western Tales – Nov )1953
The Fight at Lost Horse Springs (Western Magazine – Sep )1955
The Killer in Johnny Kidd (Western Magazine – Mar )1956
Who Wore the Gun Brand (Western Magazine – Jul )1956
The Kid’s Big Kill (Western Magazine – Jan )1957
The Man from Nowhere (3-Book Western – May )1957
12 Men to Take Taylorville (Male – Jun )1957
Helltown Gunslinger (Western Magazine – Jul )1957
Gunswift (Western Magazine – Feb )1958
Misc. Fiction:– – –
The Man Who Couldn’t Die (Adventure – Aug )1961
Cleopatra – Nymph of the Nile (Man’s Magazine – July )1962

Blake, Don
Blake, Ed
Blake, Michael
Blake, Warner
Blane, Tex
Blane, Willis
Carlisle, Ed
Chase, Glen
Clement, Purvis
Conway, Troy
Cooper, Frank
Cooper, Jeff
Cooper, Jefferson
Cooper, Lynna
Cooper, Lynette
Dean, Larry
Dean, Paul
Duane, Eddie
French, Gorden
Gardner, Jeffery K
Gardner, Ray
Gordon, Clem
Gray, Rod
Johnson, Cliff
Kendricks, James
Kennedy, Elliott
MacKendrick, Louise
Maitland, Margaret
Majors, Simon
Matthews, Kevin
Morgan, John Medford
Slade, Tex
Somers, Bart
Starr, Robert
Weston, Edgar