Gardner F Fox 1950 Non-DC Comics Collection – PART 2

This is PART 2 of a PDF collection of all of the known non-DC Comics Gardner F. Fox wrote in 1950. These are stories he wrote for EC ComicsColumbia, and Magazine Enterprises while still writing for DC Comics. Character-based stories included are Straight Arrow, Tim Holt, Red Hawk, and many others.

We could not locate A Moon, a Girl…Romance Comics Issue #12 and EC Haunt of Fear Comics Issue #17 which Mr. Fox did contribute to.

All 3 of the Crom the Barbarian stories were written in 1950 for Avon Comics. Please visit to read all 3 of the original stories, as well as 4 New Stories written and drawn by Kurt Brugel, as well as a Lost Crom story.

This is a 183-page PDF, which means it will take a few minutes to load. Please be patient, it’ll be worth it.

Be sure to visit the to find out more about Mr. Fox’s Vintage Paperback novels.

File name : Gardner-F-Fox-1950-Non-DC-Comics-Collection-PART-2.pdf