Read chapter Three from Laid in the Future (Lady of L.U.S.T. series)

CHAPTER THREE Digitally transcribed for theĀ Gardner Francis Fox Adventure Library Click here for an Amazon Kindle eBook for 99Ā¢ The blond man took me into his arms, bent his head and kissed me with his open mouth. His hardness bulged into my loins as his arms tightened around me like the tentacles of an octopus….

A Sample of Chapter 1 from L.U.S.T. be a Lady Tonight

Chapter 1 Download a copy from the GFF Kindle Library I learned about L.U.S.T. in Haiti. The League of Underground-Spies and Terrorists, that is. At the time, I had no thought of becoming a spy. I was on, vacation and enjoying myself as I did not do at home, with the voodoo drums throbbing in…